When it is time to influence public opinion and decision makers, raise new funds or improve the profile of your organization, we are here to help youGreat causes and ambitious missions need solid digital infrastructures, fresh creative inputs, sharp policy strategies and adequate outreach efforts.

If something you need is not on the following list, please drop us an email at or call us at +393774328922 

  • Campaigning

    Latte is happy to campaign with every organization, institution and social business. We help you build smart ways to connect and engage with the audience: see some examples here.

    • Tools for online actions, mini websites, landing pages, petitions, contact forms
    • Advocacy actions and policy analysis, user-generated content, advocacy online tools
    • Campaign platforms for engagement, data visualization, gamification, fundraising and crowdfunding
    • Digital mobilization, with great contents, creative concepts, and online engaging activities
    • Digital communication strategies, always driven by data and objectives

    Good ideas need to be shared. Our team is ready to spread your message through new and traditional media, by identifying the best strategy for your campaign: see some examples here.

    • Social Media Management, the best content for the community you want to engage, balanced editorial plans, community management, paid advertisement strategies to boost your social campaign
    • Creative copywriting and contents creation, concepts, headlines, payoffs, micro-copy, articles, and blog posts. Whatever you want to say, we help you communicate it in the most creative and disruptive way
    • Communication strategy, we help you optimize efforts, products, and activities to reach your goals

    Digital fundraising is a great resource, providing concrete results and investments that are easy to analyze. We apply a perfectly balanced mix of creativity and strategy: see some examples here.

    • Tools for online fundraising, landing pages, donation page optimization with database integration
    • Email marketing solutions, from strategy to list management, list building, platform management, content strategy
    • Online fundraising strategies, integrated strategies on many channels for leads generation and conversion
    • Web Marketing, donor conversion strategy with digital marketing Google AdWords & Grants, Facebook, Email marketing

    Our development team gets things done, from front to back end, with special attention to a smooth and engaging user experience on every device: see some examples here.

    • Web development, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript 
    • CMS, while we have experience with some of the biggest open source CMS’s – WordPress, MODx, Drupal – we never stop trying out different tools such as Jekyll and October
    • Hosting,  appropriate hosting solutions based on your specific needs 
    • E-commerce, fully customized solutions using open source platforms such as Magento and WooCommerce

    At Latte Creative we strongly believe in leveraging design processes to develop a better experience for the users and the organization: see some examples here.

    • Information Architecture, page layouts, user journeys and site maps, all based on the needs of your users and your mission
    • UI and UX Design, we believe in leveraging design processes to develop a better experience for the users and, consequently, great advantages for the organization
    • Brand design, we design impactful, communicative and consistent visual identities. Working on logos, typography, color palette and graphic treatments that allow several declinations, ensuring homogeneity and consistency

    Web audience is generally time constrained. That’s where videos come in, as the perfect tool to simplify complex information, and convey them in few seconds: see some examples here.

    • Live action, scripting, storyboarding, and creative direction for original change-oriented contents for web and television
    • Motion Graphic, 2D, simulated 3D, 3D, VR, and compositing to tell inspiring stories, explain and simplify complex concepts
    • Frame by frame animation, when storytelling needs a style boost and attention to the finest details and transitions