In this age of consumer awareness, only the most impressive, consistent and impactful campaigns emerge and get the attention they deserve. In order to stand out and really make a change, a good cause surely requires economic resources for its development, but it also needs to reach its supporters. And, for the voice to be spread, it’s just a matter of creativity, freshness, technological & marketing skills. Making it happen is not simply our duty, but, really, our greatest pleasure.


Concept is the place where digital products, content, events, and social media assets live. It’s a world with a specific language and a precise goal, the setting in which the creative campaign takes place. Building such world usually results from several quick brainstorming sessions, during which creatives, copywriters, visual designers and project managers talk, think, draw, and sometimes even argue. The brainstorming process goes on until they are finally able to describe the project’s world in a short sentence . And that’s what concept is.

Get to know the world in which, together with the Council of Europe, we are fighting hate speech.


When building a strategy for a non profit campaign, planning the activities is crucial. In fact, having a strong concept, a funny or emotional copy, and stunning visuals is not enough. Campaigning needs good timing: campaigns can’t be run in a vacuum because they involve changing the world – and there’s always something new going on in the world. For us, creating a strategy means: taking the target audience and goals into account, defining the creative concept, agreeing upon the main message and tone, selecting the online and offline touch points, as well as planning all the activities for a specific period of time. And, of course, doing all of this with consistency and flexibility.  

See the strategy we planned together with WWF in order to tackle overfishing.


Before you start worrying about your Facebook page editorial plan, before you choose your Instagram stories template, or even before you think about opening any social media profile, let’s plan a strategy together. A social media strategy is the link between the concept and your voice on the web, and all we need to do is imagine channels, touch points, messages and simply plan everything out. Of course, this is even more important when it comes to paid promotion. We are here to help you find all the answers you need, so that a strategic mindset can illuminate your path.

See how we chose to tell the world about the school of the future.