When serving a social cause, a humanitarian campaign, or a political battle, visual, graphic, ux/ui and product design get empowered. And of course, the other way around. At Latte Creative we believe in images. We believe in beauty, in simplifying, in drawing attention. For us, visual products have the ethic duty to tackle ignorance, to overcome the complexities of our societies, to make change possible, and to act as a bold call to action to wake up and mobilize all the potential supporters of a good cause.

Brand identity

A logo is like a hand shake, a tagline like the first spoken words, a typeface like the sound of a voice. Building the identity of an organization or a campaign means taking care of the way their vision is presented to the world, while showing, at the same time, their consistency and professionalism through all the processes and channels used to communicate their message. As to rebranding, we strongly believe that it really is the best way to say out loud: “Hey, we are here and we understand the present. You can trust us”.

See how branding can help save Elephants and Dolphins.


Our digital products provide a clear, accurate and interactive source of information to show how huge the impact of NGOs is, in many fields. Data visualization is how our developers and interaction designers express their high level of creativity. For us, transforming big data and qualitative data in responsive visual compositions is very much like code becoming honesty, design becoming transparency, animations and transitions becoming accessibility – or, in other words, democratic knowledge.

Watch how the search & rescue of migrants can be told through an interactive map.

PRINT & packaging

A poster, a flyer, or even a cool packaging are the most effective ways to make sure ideas land in people’s hands, houses and hearts, where they are likely to last longer than they would as web banners. This is why we love to design brochures, annual reports, urban billboards, and guerrilla marketing products for NGOs and social business companies. We even launched a special company with which we design tons of t-shirts, because we believe that good causes are always Worth Wearing.

We and the Scout Movement are on same page, find out why.