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In defence of animals –

Make a difference for animals

Since 1983 IDA US fights for animal rights. They asked us to renovate the organization’s brand identity, developing a new logo and restyling the website. Our main challenge was to create a new identity in which key visual elements were maintained with a fresh and inspiring feeling. We also developed a new website based on multi-level information architecture, able to answer specific communication needs for every single running campaign.

image of the website


A new visual identity original and durable.

For the redesign of the logo, we developed a composition to renovate the pivotal elements of IDA US brand identity. We identified a new colour palette and a new font that ensure an original and yet durable result. The overall rebranding process resulted in a new visual identity able to better convey the organization’s values and objectives.

image of font and colours palette

Information architecture

A new structure for a great number of contents.

The main goal of the website was to finalize a new structure for a great number of contents that required to be featured online. We analysed the website performances and analytics and identified scenarios and personas as well as high-priority activities.

image of the information architecture draft

User flow

A simpler process for accessing information.

We organized the user flow around graphic elements and shortcuts. These solutions allowed for a huge improvement of the user experience and simplified the process of accessing information, by offering alternative routes and an optimized funnelling mechanism.

image of the respinsive website for mobile


A flexible and customizable template.

The activities of IDA US are based on multiple campaigns that run simultaneously. To answer these communication needs, we designed a flexible template for campaign mini-sites, which can be easily customized with text, visual elements and specific calls to action.

website responsive mockup