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Hyperloop Italy —

Innovation and technology brought to Italy by Bibop Gresta.

Our challenge was to create interest in the imminent arrival of Hyperloop in Italy and to inform about the new opportunities that this system will bring to the country.

hyperloop capsule in a bubble

Web design

The website we created for Hyperloop Italia expresses the concepts of innovation and speed that represent the brand. The homepage features a dynamic structure showing Hyperloop images and some evocative concepts. Finally, there are the news, the team, the press releases and media of the brand.

website hyperloop mockup responsive
logo brand identity hyperloop

Brand identity

For Hyperloop Italia we have developed a new identity and a new logo that recalls the original. The focus of communication is to convey the concepts of innovation, technology and speed. Furthermore, we have created the press kit and the various presentation materials for the conferences.

badge rollup mockup hyperloop
stationery hyperloop
Transparency International –

EU integrity watch

“Where is all the money coming from, where is all the money going,” says a notorious song of the musician Cody Chessnutt. Indeed this is a big point, also in the European Parliament.
We campaigned with Transparency International to help them state that knowledge is power, and transparency is the best ground to grow good policy.

image of the website

EU Integrity Watch aims to help rebuild the trust in European Institutions and become the central web portal for monitoring such institutions’ integrity and transparency. It shall allow citizens, journalists and civic organizations to control their representatives and to hold them accountable for their actions and decisions.

image of the website


We helped to build a powerful tool with a user-friendly interface that provides a comprehensive overview of the outside activities and incomes of the members of the newly elected European Parliament and data visualization to browse the database.

Why is this tool so powerful?

Because it contributes to increase transparency, equality and integrity of access to EU decision-making process and to monitor EU institutions for potential and actual conflicts of interest, undue influence or even corruption.

image of the website


Two categories are central in this project: Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) and lobbyists working in Brussels.

The website includes three sections:

– a tool to monitor lobbyists and MEPs meetings where all data are gathered and visualized in charts and schemes to let easily understand all the points of contact and recurrences

– a tool to monitor lobbyists’ behaviours and data, such as expenses, categories, accreditations

– a tool to monitor that all external incomes received by MEPs are “correct” and that no conflicts of interest are occurring


The website received immediate attention from all over Europe and it was widely mentioned in the international press: BBC, the Economist, WSJ, Spiegel, Le Monde, El Pais, Corriera della Sera, Huffington Post, Le Soir, Euronews, German public television ARD, Radio France Internationale, and many more.

Water Integrity Network –

Fighting corruption in water worldwide

We had a very precise task: reflect clearly the organization’s values and overcome the barriers of communicating a delicate and challenging subject. We realized the Water Integrity Network website to let the user understand the huge amount of data about water integrity.

image of win website homepage
image of palette, font and icons

Brand identity

The site design keeps alignment with Water Integrity Network brand identities guidelines, such as colours and font, that has provided its institutional appearance but introducing new shades and elements to give more dynamicity and a modern look.

Information architecture and web design

We have chosen architecture of fonts to better express the complexity of content and information distributed on the website. The result is that the editor has a multi-level to organize and express content in posts, and users will be facilitated during their web experience.

A photography slideshow dominates the homepage, emotional pictures are in various areas of the website. Reading posts is comfortable and pleasant thanks to the editorial template design that gives rhythm to the text and increases readability.

image of win website homepage
image of win website homepage
image of win website homepage
Greenpeace Nordic –

It’s not me, it’s you

We worked with Greenpeace Nordic, campaigning together to put pressure on local consumer brand, Cloetta, who had documented links to rainforest deforestation. We wanted them to clean up their palm oil supply chain. The company was unwilling to communicate on the matter, so we needed to take more severe action.

image of the website

The goal was to create a website where we spoof brand a famous chocolate company. We use brandjacking and humour to engage people, to expose this irresponsible act of the company and how it affects the environment. The idea was to use a mock relationship test to show that the relation between the company and the consumer is deteriorating because the company hasn’t been truthful about its activities.

image of the website

User engagement

When the consumer finds out the facts, after taking the test, he/she email the company to ask it to change it’s ways, in order to save their relationship. We did this keeping a light and relaxed attitude, making the customer say to their favourite product of our target brand: “I love you but we need to take a break until you change your ways”.

image of the website banner
image of mobile app

Facebook and mobile apps

After taking action the user is asked to share the breakup letter on Facebook and donate money to help preserve the rainforest and its wildlife. The breakup letter was fun, and little mysterious to raise curiosity and provoke further interest in the subject.


We also developed a mobile application. The aim was to reach people that liked the relationship test and the brand jacking, people with strong connection to the brand, and people already engaged in the issue of rainforest destruction so they can take further action and share this cause.


More than 15.000 Facebook shares within the first 24 hours of the campaign launch. Almost 9.000 emails have now been sent to our target Cloetta, which is a lot considering the small population of Sweden, we got a good spin-off effect in the media.

Votewatch Europe –

My vote 2014

MyVote2014 aims to help and inform first-time young voters, enabling them to understand the decisions taken by the EU Parliament, by presenting politics in a fun and comprehensive way.

image of the website
image of the website

For the next EU Parliament elections that will take place in May 2014, we collaborated with VoteWatch Europe, an independent organization promoting transparency in EU decision making, analyzing parliamentary activities and providing data, to grab the attention of young potential voters, encouraging them to actively participate in the elections.


We created a multilevel, integrated and interactive platform to reach young and first time voters as well as the visual identity, illustrations, mobile apps, widget, Facebook app and style guideline. The concept and the development is managed by our collaborator VoteWatch Europe.

To engage young people and inform them about the elections, we came up with a fresh and young design: illustrations referring to the gaming world, badge system, results and prizes to make politics as easy and accessible as a game.

image of the website
image of badges and illustrations


Ply the game!
We created interactive games, such as simulations of the legislative process and fun quizzes about the European Union and European Parliament.

Mobile app

The mobile application allows users to cast their votes and find out who is representing them the best, through a game where the user can put himself in the shoes of MEP and make a decision on a particular issue of interest.

image of the mobile app
image of the mobile app

MyVote2014EU Facebook app covers two sections of the website: “Cast Your Vote” and “Play the Game!”. The “Manifesto” and the overall scores can be shared via Facebook.

image of facebook app


Last autumn the project MyVote2014 was launched to the wider audience within an important press conference that took place at the Parlamentarium in Brussels. It was really significant for us to present our work there and for that, we design a loop animation using the visual identity of the campaign.


In March 2014, MyVote2014 has 1.566 likes on Facebook, 2.842 followers on Twitter, 1.044 downloads for MyVote Mobile App, 40.733 people took the “Cast Your Vote” test and 75.000 people visited the website.

Friends of the Earth Europe –

Don’t cook the planet, president Barroso!

We helped Friends of the Earth Europe in their action for one of the most urgent environmental issues.

image of the project cover

We created campaign posters meant to put international pressure on The European Commission and urge them to adopt three vital binding targets for 2030: emissions reductions, energy savings and renewable energy.


We produce support material for the campaign with the aim of pressuring the U.E. Commission’s President José Manuel Barroso to move forward the Fuel Quality Directive to the inter-service consultation and to put his weight behind it so that it reaches the Council and Parliament without delay, to protect our climate and keep the dirty fuels out of Europe. On this project, we have collaborated with the very talented designer Andrea Molinatti.

image of the adv
image of the adv

When all other approaches have failed, the FoEE has turned to target Barroso publicly and directly in order to truly engage him and the public in this matter.

In the first poster, Barroso gazes with confidence as he is ‘playing’ a winning hand against dirty oil. The cards are Directive, Quality and Fuel, the green leaf symbol being the common denominator of the winning hand. For the second poster Barroso is depicted as a chef, “cooking the planet”, a recipe for climate disaster, suggesting him to “choose a better recipe”.

The adverts were published on the last page of the European Voice, posted all around the Berlaymont building and used on postcards and placards greeting Commission workers with during a public auction.

image of the poster
Greenpeace International –

The Arctic 30

19th September 2013 the crew of Greenpeace ship ‘Arctic Sunrise’ have been taken under custody by Russian authorities, right after the protest against the Gazprom oil drilling in Prirazlomnaya. 30 people on board were arrested.

'Free the Arctic 30' Protest at Embassy in GermanyProtest vor russischer Botschaft in Berlin


We released the video in 10 languages to shout out worldwide.

We created this video to let the international community know about the unfair imprisonment of #Arctic30 Greenpeace Activists in Russia and to put pressure on the Russian Government to free them. Oh, and by the way, all of the “Arctic 30” are free now.

Oikos –

Choose local food

We worked with Oikos, an independent organization that promotes worldwide the sustainable use of natural resources as tools to fight against poverty, producing for them an animated short film.

oikos preview image of a person holding a bouquet of carrots in his hand


The long and difficult route of an apple.

To support Oikos Institute’s goals of promoting sustainable resources by encouraging local commerce, we produced this animated video showing the long and difficult route that one single imported apple has to endure before reaching the end consumer, the environmental consequences and the artificial enhancements it needs for looking fresh.