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Together against the hate speech monster

CEJI asked us to create a video to launch an online training program within the Facing Facts Project about the hate speech theme. The main target are students, institutions, organizations trainees, but also generalist public. We used an informative and engaging tone. We described hate speech as an aggressive, transformer/like a monster.

image of a video frame for ceji

Character animation

We designing characters without falling into stereotype.

We put a lot of effort into designing characters that respect ethnic, religious, gender and orientation diversity without falling into stereotype. Instead of character neutrality, we opted for plurality for what include the script, the voice over and the arts: we represented a large number of categories to show that everyone can be hate speech targets.

Multiple targets

A public with an awareness of the subject, but also a more generalist audience, needing more information.

Hence the need to inform and raise awareness of the overall framework and at the same time the use of an ironic, metaphorical tone of voice to attract and engage viewers that are not used to this kind of content or do not know the subject. The final call to action invites everyone to join the Facing Facts community and start the fight against hate speech.