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Restarting the future –

Transparent elections

A multichannel campaign addressed to young Italian electors about transparency during the 2018 Italian political elections.

image of a politician with a question mark instead of a face

Integrated campaign

To reach younger Italian electors we combined Above The Line and digital media.

The animated video and the radio spot use a funny and engaging tone and were broadcasted on major Italian radio stations and Spotify. We also designed a platform to gather information about Italian candidates and to update citizens about them during the 2018 Italian political elections.

image of the adv on spotify and on social media


Discover transparent candidates.

How much time do we spend on the internet to choose something to buy a vacation or a pair of shoes?
For the occasion of the political election 2018, we created a video for Restarting the future.
By using an ironic tone the video shows how common it is to waste time choosing among two or more things, finding detailed information before deciding and how the same time could be used in the process of voting.

User flow

A smooth and consistent flow that leads users to get informed and take action.

A website is a tool designed to put pressure on candidates and ask them to publicly post their resumes and certify their political activity. The more users go deep in the site, the more information they get, such as participating candidates, an interactive map, and updated blog articles. This provides users with enough information to get consciously involved and sign the petition. As the page scrolls down, the petition button continues to pop up as a floating call to action.

website responsive mockup