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Hyperloop Italy —

Innovation and technology brought to Italy by Bibop Gresta.

Our challenge was to create interest in the imminent arrival of Hyperloop in Italy and to inform about the new opportunities that this system will bring to the country.

hyperloop capsule in a bubble

Web design

The website we created for Hyperloop Italia expresses the concepts of innovation and speed that represent the brand. The homepage features a dynamic structure showing Hyperloop images and some evocative concepts. Finally, there are the news, the team, the press releases and media of the brand.

website hyperloop mockup responsive
logo brand identity hyperloop

Brand identity

For Hyperloop Italia we have developed a new identity and a new logo that recalls the original. The focus of communication is to convey the concepts of innovation, technology and speed. Furthermore, we have created the press kit and the various presentation materials for the conferences.

badge rollup mockup hyperloop
stationery hyperloop
Oxfam –

Stand with defenders

Land rights defenders are a community of people spreading all over the world. Even though they have the right to defend their land, they are criminalized.They stand, they defend, they protect and they resist against injustice, criminalization, overexploitation. And we must support them by standing on their side.

image of one of the social cards that represents a man who defends his rights
image of one of the social cards of the project with the hashtag

Social Media

I stand with those who defend, protect and preserve.

Oxfam asked us to create a campaign identity and a strategy consistent with the objectives provided. We have achieved the wording of the campaign for social media, including headline, tagline, call to action and hashtags.

image of colombia social cards of the project with the hashtag
image of data social card of the project with the hashtag
image of ercilia social card of the project with the hashtag


There is one side and there is the other.

Oxfam has asked us to also carry out the campaign video lasting 30 ” using the stock material. Latte Creative was involved in scriptwriting and video translation. The result is a strong and emotional video that involves and informs the public on the issue of land defenders.


Great support from all over the world.

The video received over a million views and thousands of interactions to support the campaign.
The social media cards were widely used globally on Twitter, especially by NGOs such as Amnesty International,, Front Line Defenders, Earth Rights International, Transparency International and Freedom House. Also, Facebook proved to be a very effective medium, with about 8.5 million people reached and about 2.5 million video views.

The LandRightsNow website received about 15.000 visits, and more than 200.000 people were engaged through social media by retweeting, commenting, shares and likes.

card with results's data of the land rights now oxfam campaign
Eurogroup for Animals –

Speak for animals

Our challenge was to create a Social Media Campaign to spread awareness in animals’ welfare and foster the commitment of European citizens and Institutions. The core message is powerful and works well when adapted to single species or specific audiences too: “Animals can’t speak for themselves, but you can raise your voice in their name”.

card social speak for animals girl with cow face
speak for animals - image of timeline's campaign programme

Animated gifs

A series of different CTA designed to be posted in the second, informative phase of the Campaign.

The assets invite to find out more about animals’ welfare, European commitment and policies, and EFA’s work.
We provided five gifs dedicated to five different specific themes: circus animals, caged hens, guinea pigs conditions in labs and others. Each of them was designed with a catchy, playful mood, in order to grab greater attention.

gif speak for animals - free the lion
gif speak for animals - girl with animal faces
making of Social Media Cards for Speak for animals

Social media cards

The visual is built around the main concept: humans with a colourful muzzle instead of the mouth.

We chose a general proactive mood and a clear, positive tone of voice, which also encourages the audience to believe that their voices matter, along with that of animals. For the Social Cards, we created two templates based on the two different targets of the campaign: one is designed for MEPs with the “Sign the Pledge” CTA; the other for the European Citizens is with the “Vote at EU | 2019” CTA to motivate them to take action.

making of Social Media Cards for Speak for animals