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Hyperloop Italy —

Innovation and technology brought to Italy by Bibop Gresta.

Our challenge was to create interest in the imminent arrival of Hyperloop in Italy and to inform about the new opportunities that this system will bring to the country.

hyperloop capsule in a bubble

Web design

The website we created for Hyperloop Italia expresses the concepts of innovation and speed that represent the brand. The homepage features a dynamic structure showing Hyperloop images and some evocative concepts. Finally, there are the news, the team, the press releases and media of the brand.

website hyperloop mockup responsive
logo brand identity hyperloop

Brand identity

For Hyperloop Italia we have developed a new identity and a new logo that recalls the original. The focus of communication is to convey the concepts of innovation, technology and speed. Furthermore, we have created the press kit and the various presentation materials for the conferences.

badge rollup mockup hyperloop
stationery hyperloop