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Building Digital Campaigns –

An advanced training workshop

The first edition of Building Digital Campaigns took place in Torino over three weekends from May 22nd to June 7th.
The workshop was thought for 40 participants, both university students and young professionals, who wanted to gain an international perspective on how fundraising and digital campaigning work.

image of the website homepage

We asked the students to take an assessment: a mini social campaign with the purpose to raise at least 20 signatures for a Restarting the future petition in an innovative way. The best six projects got a full or half scholarship for the workshop.

image of the workshop project

We recruited top-class speakers to talk about their strategies and experiences.

Among them were:
Julius van de Laar, Get Out The Vote Director in Barack Obama‘s presidential campaign
Mara Garbellini, Fundraising Expert
Ged Barker, Senior Project Manager at Torch Box
Giuseppe Onufrio, Executive Director at Greenpeace Onlus
Sergio Cecchini, Communication and Fundraising Director at Médecins Sans Frontières Belgium
Elisa Finocchiaro, Director at
Omar Vulpinari, Crossmedia Strategist


We created a simple script for a video to explain all the necessary steps for the scholarship. We asked our students to take an assessment that consisted of imagining and realizing a small digital campaign connected to the Restarting the future petition.


Do you know what a hate crime is?

To prevent bias-based hate crimes from happening at all, we need to know how to recognize them and to collect data in order to better understand the problem and protect past, present and future victims. The challenge of this campaign was to convey the same message to very different targets: civil society, institutions and teenagers. For this reason, it had to be emotional and accurate at the same time.

image of video storyboard


A clear definition of hate crimes.

In order to increase the awareness around hate crimes, we created a script that provides a clear definition of them and engages the audience by emphasizing the importance of reporting.
This motion graphic video is part of the Facing Facts campaign, promoted by Ceji and aimed to make hate crimes visible to everyone.

Character animation

We were asked to represent the different categories of people.

Another challenge concerned the representation of crimes and their protagonists: to avoid extreme language and violent scenes we had to come up with several metaphors, such as the crime pinned board and the target shapes. On the other hand, since hate crimes are based on bias and discrimination of ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, we were asked to represent the different categories of people: wide research led us to find simple, neutral face and body shapes to which we added some details and changed the main colours so that all physiognomies could be symbolically represented.

image of a video frame for ceji


English subtitles for a deaf audience.

We also provided English subtitles for a deaf audience, transposing sound effects and music variations and adapting the script to the standard length and difficulties for these viewers.

Solidar –

Rights first

We all strive for a better future, but for that, we need a solid base of rights. In collaboration with “The Decent Work Balkan Network,” we produced a video that shows the need for initiative and inspires a raise in action for basic rights in the Balkan region.

image of a video frame
image of a video frame

The main goal of “Rights first” campaign is to advocate the rule of law in the Balkans. Basic rights such as public health, social protection, fair trials and gender equality are not always recognized in the Balkan region.


The “Solidar: Rights First” video that we produced for TV and social networks was made to raise awareness especially among workers, as they are the ones that need to demand their rights. The aim was to also encourage people who are in unstable conditions, informal workers, future workers or unemployed, to get informed, demand their rights and obtain better protection via existing socio-economic partnerships like NGOs, trade unions and the media. The video is adapted in English, Serbian, Albanian and Macedonian. This video is also a part of the Solidar: decent work online library, a collection of resources that have been produced by the network and it’s partners to promote and support decent work and quality jobs for all.

European Green Party –

Green Party: Arctic campaign

“The melting of arctic is a wake up call, not a profit opportunity”. We can count at least 7 reasons to save the arctic. The European Greens asked us to help them shout out loud the consequences of the arctic melting and the colossal importance of saving our white ocean, all in the framework of the upcoming European Elections.

image of the campaign cover
image of the campaign cover

The aim was to highlight the clash between civil initiative, the relentless chase after political solutions for climate change and the all mighty oil industry, who is profiting from the lack of determination in the European governments and pushing shamelessly their destructive agenda.


We designed a big format brochure for public distribution, stating clearly the 7 most relevant reasons for saving the arctic and details on taking action with the campaign.


We also produced a video, a mix of live-action and traditional animation correlating this pressing real problem with a child’s wild imagination. The intention behind this concept is that in the end, all those who will really suffer because of climate changes are today’s young generations and we will forever remain responsible for this.

Arcigay –

Let’s turn off the hatred

We campaigned with Arcigay to fight the widespread prejudice against the LGBT community in Italy and helped them achieve their goals. They believe in a secular, democratic society where individuals liberties, human and civil rights are recognized, promoted and guaranteed without discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity or other personal and social condition.

image of the logo

Italy is considered one of the countries with the highest rate of homophobia in the E.U. and one of the sates with the most transgender suicide cases in the world. We collaborate with Arcigay to fight the widespread prejudice against the LGBT community. The first aim is to urge the most important decision-makers, the parliamentarians, to make a new law regarding hate speech. We are demanding more serious penal consequences for homophobic statements and opposition towards the irresponsible ways of Italian media, especially the television that constantly promotes homophobia by adopting insulting gay stereotypes.


For this campaign, we produced an animated video using graphically the homophobic speeches of politicians and we raised a red flag to show how their hateful discourses can drive LGBT people to commit suicide. This video has been watched 17.000 times on YouTube.

The petition

We also started up a petition and we made an significant call for the parliament: ‘Do something REAL against homophobia and transphobia, without ifs or buts!’ We reached 56.167 signatures.

image of the petition

Media coverage

Important mainstream media channels published coverages about the campaign, such as Corriere Della Sera, Huffington Post, Repubblica.

huffington post
Bankwatch –

It’s your bank. It’s your money.

To alert the European public about the controversial activities of the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development and the hazard of the extension of its mandate to North Africa following the Arab Spring.

image of a video frame
image of a video frame

The main goal of Bankwatch is to call for public money to be spent on / invested in sustainable, climate-friendly development that is not driven by economic growth per se but by benefits to society and the environment.

image of a video frame


CEE Bankwatch is an advocacy and campaign network that works across the central and eastern European region to monitor the activities of international financial institutions.

Greenpeace International –

The Arctic 30

19th September 2013 the crew of Greenpeace ship ‘Arctic Sunrise’ have been taken under custody by Russian authorities, right after the protest against the Gazprom oil drilling in Prirazlomnaya. 30 people on board were arrested.

'Free the Arctic 30' Protest at Embassy in GermanyProtest vor russischer Botschaft in Berlin


We released the video in 10 languages to shout out worldwide.

We created this video to let the international community know about the unfair imprisonment of #Arctic30 Greenpeace Activists in Russia and to put pressure on the Russian Government to free them. Oh, and by the way, all of the “Arctic 30” are free now.


One Planet

“There is only one Earth. Rethink what we are doing to our planet.” We produced a video for the launching of WWF’s Living Planet Report 2012.

image of one planet video frame


The visuals for the One Planet film were created by researching the NASA and ESA archives for photographs where mankind’s impact was clearly visible from space. These included deforestation and forest fires, water usage, agriculture, smog, coastal pollution and the impacts of climate change on glaciers and polar ice. The images were then “nudged” into human footprint shapes digitally, with care taken not to exaggerate the impacts but to emphasize their human origin.

The images were then layered and animated to give the impression they were being observed the through windows of the International Space Station or other orbiting craft. A shallow depth-of-field both focuses the viewer’s attention on the details and gives the feeling of miniature photography, so we get the impression this is a small planet, on which we should “tread” lightly.

We created this video with Daniel Bird and Jaroslav Mrázek.

Oikos –

Choose local food

We worked with Oikos, an independent organization that promotes worldwide the sustainable use of natural resources as tools to fight against poverty, producing for them an animated short film.

oikos preview image of a person holding a bouquet of carrots in his hand


The long and difficult route of an apple.

To support Oikos Institute’s goals of promoting sustainable resources by encouraging local commerce, we produced this animated video showing the long and difficult route that one single imported apple has to endure before reaching the end consumer, the environmental consequences and the artificial enhancements it needs for looking fresh.