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Hyperloop Italy —

Innovation and technology brought to Italy by Bibop Gresta.

Our challenge was to create interest in the imminent arrival of Hyperloop in Italy and to inform about the new opportunities that this system will bring to the country.

hyperloop capsule in a bubble

Web design

The website we created for Hyperloop Italia expresses the concepts of innovation and speed that represent the brand. The homepage features a dynamic structure showing Hyperloop images and some evocative concepts. Finally, there are the news, the team, the press releases and media of the brand.

website hyperloop mockup responsive
logo brand identity hyperloop

Brand identity

For Hyperloop Italia we have developed a new identity and a new logo that recalls the original. The focus of communication is to convey the concepts of innovation, technology and speed. Furthermore, we have created the press kit and the various presentation materials for the conferences.

badge rollup mockup hyperloop
stationery hyperloop
Transparency International –

EU integrity watch

“Where is all the money coming from, where is all the money going,” says a notorious song of the musician Cody Chessnutt. Indeed this is a big point, also in the European Parliament.
We campaigned with Transparency International to help them state that knowledge is power, and transparency is the best ground to grow good policy.

image of the website

EU Integrity Watch aims to help rebuild the trust in European Institutions and become the central web portal for monitoring such institutions’ integrity and transparency. It shall allow citizens, journalists and civic organizations to control their representatives and to hold them accountable for their actions and decisions.

image of the website


We helped to build a powerful tool with a user-friendly interface that provides a comprehensive overview of the outside activities and incomes of the members of the newly elected European Parliament and data visualization to browse the database.

Why is this tool so powerful?

Because it contributes to increase transparency, equality and integrity of access to EU decision-making process and to monitor EU institutions for potential and actual conflicts of interest, undue influence or even corruption.

image of the website


Two categories are central in this project: Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) and lobbyists working in Brussels.

The website includes three sections:

– a tool to monitor lobbyists and MEPs meetings where all data are gathered and visualized in charts and schemes to let easily understand all the points of contact and recurrences

– a tool to monitor lobbyists’ behaviours and data, such as expenses, categories, accreditations

– a tool to monitor that all external incomes received by MEPs are “correct” and that no conflicts of interest are occurring


The website received immediate attention from all over Europe and it was widely mentioned in the international press: BBC, the Economist, WSJ, Spiegel, Le Monde, El Pais, Corriera della Sera, Huffington Post, Le Soir, Euronews, German public television ARD, Radio France Internationale, and many more.

Water Integrity Network –

Fighting corruption in water worldwide

We had a very precise task: reflect clearly the organization’s values and overcome the barriers of communicating a delicate and challenging subject. We realized the Water Integrity Network website to let the user understand the huge amount of data about water integrity.

image of win website homepage
image of palette, font and icons

Brand identity

The site design keeps alignment with Water Integrity Network brand identities guidelines, such as colours and font, that has provided its institutional appearance but introducing new shades and elements to give more dynamicity and a modern look.

Information architecture and web design

We have chosen architecture of fonts to better express the complexity of content and information distributed on the website. The result is that the editor has a multi-level to organize and express content in posts, and users will be facilitated during their web experience.

A photography slideshow dominates the homepage, emotional pictures are in various areas of the website. Reading posts is comfortable and pleasant thanks to the editorial template design that gives rhythm to the text and increases readability.

image of win website homepage
image of win website homepage
image of win website homepage
Restarting the future –

Quiz: how corrupted are you?

Corruption starts in everyday actions when you don’t ask for a receipt in a shop or accept to pay a bribe to a policeman or a functionary to make your life easier.
Every illegal activity, even if small and seemingly insignificant, is a piece in the big system that lets corruption spread throughout Italy and helps corruptors contaminate all the aspects of everyday life.

image of the website

“How corrupted are you?” is a five-question quiz which is meant to let people realize how everyday actions contribute to the spread of corruption in Italy.

This quiz is a way to get a broader picture of the situation and of the connection between people and corruption.

image of the quiz
image of the quiz


The five questions are meant to portray 15 funny characters, taken from well-known media products, who are representing a more or less strict attitude towards corruption.

image of characters profilation
Greenpeace –

I know who grew it

I know who grew it is a project realized for Greenpeace to promote a new and better relationship with food. The industrial economy is destroying the natural resources and wildlife, affecting human health, poisoning our food, water and soil and impoverishing farmers. It is also narrowing down our food diversity.

image of the website

Blog and pledges

The principal aim of this project is to inform and invite people to take actions that can improve their relationship with food.

That’s why we created two sections:

A blog, where users can find information about how the food production process is changing, what we are failing and what we can do better.

A pledge page, where everyone who wants to take a pledge about their food choice – such as buying at the bio market or reducing the food waste or making compost – can do it and share it through their own social network.

A pledge page, where everyone who wants to take a pledge about their food choice – such as buying at the bio market or reducing the food waste or making compost – can do it and share it through their own social network
A pledge page, where everyone who wants to take a pledge about their food choice – such as buying at the bio market or reducing the food waste or making compost – can do it and share it through their own social network
Building Digital Campaigns –

An advanced training workshop

The first edition of Building Digital Campaigns took place in Torino over three weekends from May 22nd to June 7th.
The workshop was thought for 40 participants, both university students and young professionals, who wanted to gain an international perspective on how fundraising and digital campaigning work.

image of the website homepage

We asked the students to take an assessment: a mini social campaign with the purpose to raise at least 20 signatures for a Restarting the future petition in an innovative way. The best six projects got a full or half scholarship for the workshop.

image of the workshop project

We recruited top-class speakers to talk about their strategies and experiences.

Among them were:
Julius van de Laar, Get Out The Vote Director in Barack Obama‘s presidential campaign
Mara Garbellini, Fundraising Expert
Ged Barker, Senior Project Manager at Torch Box
Giuseppe Onufrio, Executive Director at Greenpeace Onlus
Sergio Cecchini, Communication and Fundraising Director at Médecins Sans Frontières Belgium
Elisa Finocchiaro, Director at
Omar Vulpinari, Crossmedia Strategist


We created a simple script for a video to explain all the necessary steps for the scholarship. We asked our students to take an assessment that consisted of imagining and realizing a small digital campaign connected to the Restarting the future petition.

Latte Creative –

Worth Wearing

Latte Creative has launched its first self initiated project: Worth Wearing, an online platform that promotes and supports causes for NGOs, associations or single individuals and funds their ideas by selling customized T-shirts. The aim is to create a widespread social awareness network based on e-commerce and provide customers with a way to support and simultaneously spread their causes.

image of worth wearing website

The concept is simple and it was inspired by a T-shirt’s versatility.
We offer a quality product, environmentally friendly and sustainable; the revenues from this sale fund a worthy cause and contribute to its spreading and promotion, both online through the platform and offline, thanks to those who will wear the shirt.
Anyone can upload their own graphics and sell the finished product without having to worry about logistics.

How Worth Wearing works

Our mission is to support the causes on the platform by returning the revenues from the sales to the campaigners, so that we can give them a hand realizing their ideas.

worth wearing photo of all supporters with tshirt

The platform

The project combines two established concepts: the dynamics of user generated campaigning and the simplicity of crowdfunding. On Worth Wearing the added value is not only the T-shirt but its association with the real world and the ability to spread the campaign everywhere.

It is a system open to everybody and it doesn’t require any money, so it is accessible by many more initiatives than other traditional types of activism.

Various organizations have already submitted their designs and were the first to be featured in our home page. Visit the website and send us your cause to make it real:


Worth Wearing is set to become a new channel to support social activism. It can provide new means to sustain many activities for charities/non-profits and a new type of support for the “micro activism” movement. Anybody can launch a T-shirt on Worth Wearing for any kind of project and invite friends, stakeholders or a whole community to fund their cause by purchasing a T-shirt.

Our aim is to simplify the campaign creation process as much as possible and help users realize their campaigns or fund projects in few easy steps. Our aim is to highlight the campaign and the story behind it rather than the product itself. The T-shirts are printed on demand after the buyer has placed the order, thus limiting logistics costs.

All T-shirts are eco-friendly certified, made from soft organic cotton, supplied by Continental Clothing, printed with the newest printing technology “Direct To Garment” and water-based non-toxic colors.

The designs are user-generated, and a vendor can launch several campaigns or open a microstore. We will also provide design and consultancy features for interested users.

Stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter to find out the best causes to support:

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Terre des Hommes Italy –

Let’s protect children together

Terre des Hommes protects children from violence and abuse, to guarantee the fundamental rights. They were in need of a new website to present themselves and their values with better impact, involve the community in their activities and to inform about the implemented projects.

terre des hommes website 2015
image of the website


We designed a brand new website and developed a LAMP-based internet platform.
Our aims were to display Terre Des Hommes’ values effectively, to engage people in their mission and to make information about their objectives and projects clear and easy to access. We used visuals and infographics to simplify all the information.
Also, to create greater interest for donations, to directly reach and stimulate the donors we composed a sliding illustrated straightforward story using holistically a playful style.

Greenpeace International

Save the Arctic

Time is running out for the North Pole. We worked with Greenpeace to restyle their high-priority “Save The Arctic” campaign website, one of the biggest campaigns the NGO has run against oil drilling and industrial fishing in the region since 2012. The campaign demands the area to be declared a natural sanctuary.

image of save the arctic

Greenpeace asked us to restyle their “Save the Arctic” website. Their aim was to increase conversion rates, build a responsive website optimized for different devices, make it as easy as possible to sign and create petitions, improve the interface with Facebook Connect, and respond to Greenpeace’s multilingual and multinational identity by ensuring easy modification and implementation of new plug-ins and features.


In this project we did an overall restyling of the front end of the “Save The Arctic” website and refactored the back end by building a CMS. We started our work by researching and evaluating dozens of websites in order to gauge their effectiveness, call-to-actions, user engagement and usability.

Despite the fact that a single-page website was required, the design was complicated in and of itself. Greenpeace is an organization with independent offices in many countries. Each of these offices had different requests for the website as far as content, policy and data management went. To solve this conflict, we built a flexible CMS from scratch and endowed each individual national office with the faculty to change layouts and contents and manage the email addresses collected. We built the CMS using MODx, which offers simplicity while being flexible and efficient.

image of the template

We also developed the possibility of inserting and changing images and videos on the default theme in the main area. The campaign’s goals may vary over time, so we wanted to create a flexible and reusable layout.


We designed the website along with the responsive approach, and we optimized the website for different devices as well as intended use. While designing the graphics and layout we were goal-oriented but at the same time attentive to the need to make it catchy, modern, fresh and urgent. We came up with the idea of a melting-polar-bear illustration composed of ice blocks; the illustration represents the Arctic environment and urges visitors to stop the melting by signing the petition.

image of the polar bear made of ice


We improved the petition form by implementing a full-screen view and fewer form fields to catch the user’s attention and minimize the process friction. We also designed an effective user flow to lead users to share on their social accounts through a ‘thank you’ page and a ‘thank you’ email that invites friends and includes a donation option.

image of the petition

In this video you can see the animation of the polar bear melting that was on the homepage of Save the Arctic.

Hacking Save the Arctic

During Christmas 2014, we realized a “hacking Save the Arctic” campaign run by… reindeers.

In the fight against oil drilling, not only the polar bear – which is the iconic animal of the campaign – is in danger, but also reindeers and other species who are living in the same environment .

That’s why an “armed group” called Reindeer United take possession of the Save the arctic campaign, on social networks, during Christmas shouting “Polar bears suck!” and hacking all images of polar animals with reindeer’s antlers and nose.

image of a tweet

We also realized a replica landing page where reindeers could explain why they had taken possession of the campaign and why saving the arctic is so important, not only for the polar bears.

image of the site replica


Around 50 National Greenpeace offices are using the platform that we designed. In the first two weeks, Save The Arctic generated 80,300 total signups and 20,623 new leads.

We, both us and Greenpeace, achieved our goal of increasing the petition conversion rates. Save The Arctic conversion rate increased by 189% after the launch of the platform.

We will continue to work with Greenpeace to improve and develop the platform, along with addressing the campaign’s future needs.

Arcigay Italia –

A far l’Europa comincia tu

“A far l’Europa comincia tu” is an advocacy and awareness campaign launched in partnership with Arcigay, the Italian LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transexual, intersexual) association, in sight of the European Parliament elections.

image of the website
image of the petition

The objective of the project is twofold. On the one hand, it promotes a petition encouraging the engagement of Italian candidates on the protection and promotion of LGBTI rights in Europe. On the other hand, it highlights the opinions expressed by Italian candidates on LGBTI issues in order for the electorate to be prepared to make a fully informed decision when voting. As a consequence, voters have the possibility to identify the candidates who are LGBTI friendly in the party they want to vote and in their electoral district.


The “match” among selected candidates shows comparatively the two extremes on the subject coexisting in the main parties.
In the website, the architecture of the user experience is created to give visibility to the very different opinions on LGTBI rights expressed by Italian candidates even within the same party. Users are also asked to express their approval or disapproval to the candidates based on their engagement on LGBTI rights, through a voting tool that determines the candidate’s “rainbow factor”.

image of candidates


The video teaser of the campaign expresses how the European Parliament can play a crucial role in the defence and promotion of LGBTI rights and makes a strong call to express a conscious choice to this end at the next European elections.