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Greenpeace Italia —

A gift for the forest

We collaborated with Greenpeace Italia to create a campaign that highlights the link between palm oil’s destructive production processes and the endangered survival of rainforests and the animals that inhabit them.



We have taken up the graphic and linguistic elements of food industry labels to communicate the campaign message in a provocative and parodic way.

We picked a tone of voice that was both alarming and proactive, keeping the focus on donation as a tool for change.

logo foresta greenpeace

Landing page and social assets

We have developed the concept into a series of assets for the related social media campaign, aimed at bringing potential donors’ traffic to a donation page tailor made for the occasion.

Gp_foresta_desktop_landing GP_foresta_Stories GP_foresta_postFB_desktop Landing_mobile_GPforesta IG stories_mobile_GPforesta FBpost_mobile_GPforesta