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Blue Speeds: slower shipping to save the ocean

Underwater noise generated by boats interferes with the behavior of marine animals. The main reason for underwater noise pollution is the elevated ship speeds. With the Blue Speeds Petition Ifaw ask to reduce the ship speed to reduce noise pollution, emissions, and the risk of collision between ships and whales.

ifaw balena davanti a onda sonora
icone nave + onda sonora + balena

#StopTheNoise: the creative concept

For this international campaign we wanted to create a connection between image and sound playing with a sound wave which takes the shape of ships and boats.

In an underwater set, the noise produced by ships represents a threat for marine animals which are at the center of the scene.


keyvisual IFAW

This main concept with a call to action to #StopTheNoise was customized for all the channels included in the dissemination strategy.


IFAW mockup post instagram
IFAW mockup Facebook card IFAW mockup Facebook card IFAW mockup stories

Official campaign website

We want to bring the connection between image and sound in the campaign official website trying to increase the users engagement to sign the petition.

Mockup IFAW website mobile view Mockup IFAW website desktop view

This is why we created an immersive experience where users on one hand can deepen the campaign topic by reading data and follow the storytelling and on the other hand interact like in a game to reduce the noise by decreasing the ship speed.

Mockup website desktop with noise
IFAW website


According to the creative concept we created the official campaign video to spread on social media and on German TV.

The event

The campaign was launched at the European Parliament with an institutional event addressed to politicians.

IFAW event images IFAW event images

We realized event material such as: informative assets, rollups, postcards, posters, and pledges.

IFAW events assets IFAW events assets


IFAW Number of signs

Signatures in about 1 month