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Eurogroup for Animals –

Fish welfare campaign

We were asked to create a communication toolkit that would spread awareness of fish welfare issues through its member organizations’ social media channels.
Our challenge was to produce assets that would combine scientific notions with creativity and irony, in order to immediately catch the audience’s attention and subsequently convey the core message.

image of the social card with a fish fact to informe people about fishes
image of an infographic about fish welfare

Campaign strategy

A complete, coherent and customizable communication toolkit.

We‘ve decided to include in the final toolkit, in addition to social media assets, a data-factsheet and a list of specific social media guidelines concerning strategic and practical tips besides the full templates package.

image of an infographic about fish welfare

Animated videos

Positive storytelling and cute images.

To enrich our kit, we added animated videos to talk about fish welfare in a funny way. Thanks to a combination of positive storytelling and cute images, each video represents a tiny glimpse of knowledge for a big leap in awareness.


Capture and keep the audience’s attention.

We encouraged the audience’s engagement and interaction with some short funny animated polls; they are a great tool to acknowledge fishes’ importance and coolness!

image of some fish emoji
animated image of the social card poll
animated image of the social card poll
animated image of the social card poll

Social cards

A set of colourful social cards and animated gifs to engage the audience and boost their interest in the awesome world of fish.

Each asset tells a different scientific fact about a marine species, using an informal tone of voice and ironic associations with the tech world for an extra layer of fun.