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Free to speak, safe to learn

The Council of Europe asked us to create the visual identity of the campaign Free to speak, safe to learn. As democratic values and the principles of human rights are increasingly challenged in Europe, it is very important to put forward the inspiring work done every day by education professionals, students and parents to develop democratic and inclusive schools.
Our challenge was to create a recognizable visual identity, that can be flexible enough to answer the communication needs of the very different targets involved in the campaign.

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Modular visual identity

Due to the richness of the campaign’s programme, we wanted for its visual identity to be as simple and clear as possible.
The choice of a modular visual design has enabled us to simultaneously achieve this goal and to ensure a flexible use of the graphic assets among the diverse chosen channels.
Starting from the logo design, we combined modular elements into a vast number of shapes, thus ensuring greater customization to the diverse campaign’s communication products.

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Catchy graphic elements

Although the campaign’s audience share a common interest in the school sector, the target covers a wide range of subjects, including children, professionals, and parents. To guarantee and enhance engagement through all groups, we picked a colorful and clean design; icons, text-boxes, logos and every graphic element of the campaign is thus both simple and catchy, designed to capture attention on a wide spectrum of users.

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