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Soleterre Onlus –

Grande così

Latte Creative worked with Soleterre Onlus to create a fundraising campaign through solidarity text messages and to raise awareness on the organization, its sphere of action and its lesser-known activities related to pediatric oncology.

bubble girl
main visual soleterre


Starting from Big against cancer, the core message of Soleterre, we used open arms and Grande così! (Just as big!), a gesture and a sentence typical of children, to narrate with a positive tone of voice how much strength they must have to fight against the disease.

cards children cards children mobile

TV & Radio AD

The concept was adapted in a TV ad and a radio ad with Soleterre’s testimonial, Natasha Stefanenko. The shooting and recording were made by coordinating two sets, in Italy and in Ukraine, in collaboration with the production company Cut&.

Radio AD 30”



Online and offline campaign

The visual has been adapted in all social media formats, online advertising and print formats, aiming for widespread dissemination that would lead the public to the donation page we designed for the occasion.

mockup desktop magazine landing page