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Greenpeace Nordic –

It’s not me, it’s you

We worked with Greenpeace Nordic, campaigning together to put pressure on local consumer brand, Cloetta, who had documented links to rainforest deforestation. We wanted them to clean up their palm oil supply chain. The company was unwilling to communicate on the matter, so we needed to take more severe action.

image of the website

The goal was to create a website where we spoof brand a famous chocolate company. We use brandjacking and humour to engage people, to expose this irresponsible act of the company and how it affects the environment. The idea was to use a mock relationship test to show that the relation between the company and the consumer is deteriorating because the company hasn’t been truthful about its activities.

image of the website

User engagement

When the consumer finds out the facts, after taking the test, he/she email the company to ask it to change it’s ways, in order to save their relationship. We did this keeping a light and relaxed attitude, making the customer say to their favourite product of our target brand: “I love you but we need to take a break until you change your ways”.

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image of mobile app

Facebook and mobile apps

After taking action the user is asked to share the breakup letter on Facebook and donate money to help preserve the rainforest and its wildlife. The breakup letter was fun, and little mysterious to raise curiosity and provoke further interest in the subject.


We also developed a mobile application. The aim was to reach people that liked the relationship test and the brand jacking, people with strong connection to the brand, and people already engaged in the issue of rainforest destruction so they can take further action and share this cause.


More than 15.000 Facebook shares within the first 24 hours of the campaign launch. Almost 9.000 emails have now been sent to our target Cloetta, which is a lot considering the small population of Sweden, we got a good spin-off effect in the media.