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Music crossroads –

The importance of music

“Give a child an instrument and you give them a dream. Teach that child to play and you give them a future”.
We worked with Music Crossroads to renew their website and to refresh their visual identity.

image of the responsive website
image of the cover

Music Crossroads is a non-profit organization that supports the development of music education and the music industry in the Southern African region with the mission of empowering young Africans throughout the music. In 2013 they established Crossroads Academies in Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe, to support talented young musicians with accessible and innovative music education program offering the necessary tools for them to create.


Music Crossroads told us that they need to actualize their website and brand. So we revised their corporate branding by giving them a modern and sophisticated look while preserving their legacy of refinement as the overall feeling.

image of the website


We built up and redesigned the website, with special care for the mobile version. Also, we organized the sections of the website such as original music from featured artists, photo galleries, information about the academies and donation pages. For easy managing, we developed an interface through WordPress.

image of the website