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Comune di Padova

Common goods

On 25 October 2021, the Municipality of Padova launched the Regulation of common goods which allows associations, companies and people – residents and non-residents – to participate in the care of the city through collaboration agreements for the regeneration and the shared management of the city’s common goods, in the interest of the whole community. Latte Creative worked on an awareness and activation campaign to promote the initiative.

visual padova beni comuni bubble
visual padova beni comuni bubble


The relationship between Padova and those who live there is of a sentimental kind. This is the idea from which the campaign was born, inviting citizens to reciprocate their love for the city by taking care of its squares, plants, gardens, buildings and even communities. On a visual level, we used the collage technique to recreate surreal and nostalgic situations that recall the memories of those who lived in Padua at different stages of life.

visual Padova beni comuni desktop visual Padova beni comuni


We created the logo of the initiative with a modern and dynamic stroke, characterized by soft lines. One half depicts the individual and is clearly distinguished from the other thanks to a brighter gradient, which gives it three-dimensionality. To distinguish material and environmental goods, we’ve also created a green version of the logo: only one part of the logo changes color, though, so as to also preserve the red, which characterizes the city.

logo variante rossa padova beni comuni
logo variante rossa padova beni comuni
identità visiva Padova beni comuni desktop
identità visiva Padova beni comuni mobile

Online and offline campaign

The campaign was shared on the initiative’s digital channels and on the streets of the city, through strategically placed billboards.

Poster padova beni comuni poster Padova beni comuni mobile

We have created a map of the places that can be taken care of, an A5 poster to be affixed to the places that have already been adopted and an activation kit at the signing of the collaboration agreement, containing a love letter from the city of Padova, a letter from the mayor, a copy of the regulation of common goods, a how to to make a short clip about the project and the CTA for social media.

flyer bene comune padova beni comuni
flyer bene comune padova beni comuni activation kit e social media outputs Padova beni comuni desktop lettere padova beni comun carosello instagram Padova beni comuni desktop instagram post padova beni comuni
stories padova beni comuni
carosello instagram Padova beni comuni mobile