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Greenpeace –

Rethink our tech, end planned obsolescence.

IT companies design their products to make repairs tricky and expensive, while frequently advertising shiny, new devices. Greenpeace is leading a campaign asking these companies to change the system and make products easily fixable, to save the planet’s limited resources.

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Landing page

Inform and ask for a commitment.

The user can navigate through the Product Repair Guide, a scorecard system that displays data about more than 45 devices: in this way the user is able to identify the best and worst in terms of battery and display replaceability, spare parts available and special tools needed for repair.
Through a dynamic petition form, it is also possible to directly ask the major IT companies to rethink our tech, and design products that are longer-lasting, and that don’t cost the earth.

image of responsive mockup Rethink Tech


An offline version of the landing page.

Adjusting the contents of the landing page we created a booklet to inform even offline users about tech obsolescence. The brochure shows all devices (smartphones, tablets and laptops), and each of them has four scoring parameters to understand if and how they can be repaired.


image of the booklet

Social media campaign

Three types of cards were studied for the campaign.

The first one recalls the ADV of some famous IT companies while modifying the claim and its meaning. The second type shows a broken glass device and alludes to a “broken” environment, dirty and polluted. The connection between repairability and the environment is the key message. The latest typology, more institutional, short, and impactful, presents a challenge between devices, with a score referring to the level of obsolescence.

image of the first social card
image of the second social card
image of the third social card
image of the second social card