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A social experiment in defence of indigent mothers

After the success of the organization’s last social experiment, we worked on a new video and a brand new campaign to talk about poverty in a different way: this time the focus is on a young mom and her daughter, but most importantly on the reactions, people show when hearing their request. The aim was to raise awareness around families in Italy and their daily fight against poverty.

image of mom and daughter during social experiment

Social experiment

An unemployed mother with a little daughter.

An actress walks around a crowded place in the centre of Rome, with a little girl asking for people’s help.
We wanted to show how desperate a lonely unemployed mother can be, and how poverty can affect anyone.
2 cameras and 1 Go-pro were placed in hidden spots to catch spontaneous reactions from people who passed by: and such reactions were surprisingly positive.

image of mom and daughter during social experiment
image of mom and daughter during social experiment

Campaign strategy

Social media campaign and billboards to increase donations.

The social experiment video is part of an integrated communication strategy aimed at increasing online donations to Albero della Vita’s project dedicated to families with limited means.
We developed and implemented a social media paid campaign and we designed visual assets for billboards in public places.

image of the social post and the billboard