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Stars for Save the Arctic

To raise awareness for the Arctic, Greenpeace UK realized a photography project involving 60 celebrities from all over the world: in the shots taken by world renowned photographer Andy Gotts, the stars are wearing an original T-shirt designed by Vivienne Westwood. We created a simple landing page, where the powerful shots can stand out without frills and users can easily join the Save the Arctic campaign.

save the arctic image of tshirt greenpeace
save the arctic image of tshirt

A powerful project

From Kate Moss to Pamela Anderson, from David Tennant to Sir Ian McKellen: these are some of the celebrities that got involved with Greenpeace UK to make people more aware of the Arctic situation. This landing page revolves around two core elements: the photography project by Andy Gotts and the reason behind it, the latter one being the invitation to join the Save the Arctic campaign and sign the petition.

Mobile_pages_STA project_desktop_greenpeace

Share it!

Right under the signing form for the Save the Arctic petition, we added two simple buttons to share one’s favorite celebrity on Facebook and Twitter. Let people know which stars are joining the campaign!