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MedReAct –

The last fish

Medreact’s main urge was pushing Italian government to address the Adriatic sea marine life impoverishment due to intensive fishing. We developed an integrated campaign that, through strategy and guerrilla, could raise attention and engagement both on a regional and on a national level.

fish feeling lonely
fish feeling lonely two fish feeling lonely mockup post medreact mockup post medreact

Digital Guerrilla

We tried to imagine how the last fish in the Adriatic sea would feel. And then, a few days before Christmas, we sold it on Ebay for 3000 euros. This way, the issue’s urgency stood out very clearly and people were easily redirected on the connected petition.

ebay page selling the last fish
ebay page selling the last fish

Petition and tweetstorm

The petition had a straightforward call to action: go sign for the establishment of a marine life restocking area.
We then got the petitioners engaged in a tweet storm on minister Bellanova’s profile to push her into considering Medreact’s request.

tweetstorm tweetstorm