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Tribe: we have a problem


During the year, we held a class in Scuola Holden’s Academy. Serving as teachers were our Project Manager Claudia Conte and our Creative Producer Giovanni Mauriello. The course, “Hand,” represented a workshop to learn narrative techniques useful for social communication and to discover how to put one’s creativity at the service of a social.

The creative challenge

We challenged the three-year degree students by asking them to design and create a Branded Content, focusing on a relevant theme close to them and to Latte Creative: eco-anxiety!


Tribe: we have a problem

The execution

The students chose one of the most democratic, authentic, and popular mediums for storytelling: the podcast. Thanks to a creative and operational sprint, they took care of everything, from texts to production, as well as sound design. Through the capacity-building process, they thus came up with a content capable of positioning both the Holden School and Latte Creative values. 

Making the podcast even more special are the voices of Pierluca Mariti and Sofia Pasotto.