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Where the future is decided

Are the buildings in which you decide only those of the government? We tell the places of knowledge with a metaphor that alludes to institutions and decision-making places in language, but which visually tells the places of education and the analogies between democratic institutions and the typical vocabulary of the school.

Key visual

The multi-subject campaign has multiple variations connected to the sectors of the knowledge sector (research, school and education) through representative places and scenes.

miur visual mobile miur visual


Declination of key visuals in a video. The campaign concept is strong, challenging and impactful and thanks and the use of a video helps dissemination and increases its impact.






Influencer and user generated content

The most emotional side of the campaign. Through the hashtag #QuelloCheSaremo (What we will be), the testimonials will tell firsthand who they were before becoming what they are. The focus is on education through a story of their school experience in which they learned something that changed their life.

miur_visual influencer miur_visual influencer