Greenpeace –

Save the Arctic: choose people over oil.

Greenpeace asked us to build a website where people can join the movement against Arctic oil by adding their names, pictures and statements to be submitted as evidence during the trial against the drilling.

card greenpeace save the arctic vs oil

Online engagement

The Norwegian government has to know that thousands of people are getting involved in this battle.

Such huge engagement is enhanced thanks to a step-by-step process that allows every user to: sign the petition, add their picture to an online photo wall, customize it with stickers and share it on social media, and finally publish their own witness statement on the cause. These many possibilities for a direct engagement establish a strong bond with the audience.

image of responsive mockup Arctic Oil

Online petition

The user is always reminded of the importance of their contribution and can take action at any time.

The petition about the court case is central in this campaign, but it was also important to show the case timeline, as well as articles, storytelling content and key information on the initiative. That’s why we designed several modules and pages to fit all this different content but kept the petition form fixed in the site sidebar.

image of the online petition

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