We believe that starting a donation fund is the most effective way for organizations to scale their impact and make the world a better place. This is why our most creative ideas and technological experimentations are often devoted to digital fundraising.


Donation form optimization has been the first big challenge for Latte Creative. We started developing custom donation forms and digital fundraising pages from the very beginning, and today we can proudly say that we are very experienced in mixing creativity and effectiveness to reach the set goals. We use visuals and words to communicate in the most transparent way what is wrong, how the organization can fix it, and what impact do the donations have. We usually offer a choice between the most common payment methods, such us PayPal and Stripe, but upon request we can integrate other options.

See how we help Greenpeace save the Sumatran Tiger through donations.


In 2014 we launched a start-up to help small, medium and big organizations collect funds for their causes, by selling online t-shirts with their own design. Today, Worth Wearing is a successful company that together with Latte’s team, works with artists and illustrators to design clothes, mugs, bags and notebooks, providing NGOs that want to support a campaign through an online shop with white label solutions.

Here’s how Worth Wearing is helping tons of good causes.



Mass mailing is a way to tell a story by adapting the style, the characters and the ending to the reader. When we take care of email strategies for non profit organizations, we firstly focus on the narrativehow do we identify segments of users from the  lists we have? Which story do we want tell them? Where do we want to lead them? While we take care of creating the texts, designing and developing the general structure and the specific visual contents, we also provide the mailing software and set the metrics. And to check if it all works, we test, test and test.