Working with the European Commission, the Council of Europe, with several Italian ministries, as well as with large charitable foundations has been a real source of pride for Latte’s team. Creating advocacy campaigns, producing awareness materials, developing the concept for official events and building election tools has always given us great satisfaction because it means that our work has a direct impact on citizens for what concerns the themes we care about the most. 


Latte Creative has an outpost in Brussels, where a team works closely with consultants to identify the needs of the European institutions. Over time, we have specialized in Europlanning and budgeting for elaborate grants and tenders, for which we have applied together with structured networks, NGOs and foundations. For us, running multi-annual campaigns, producing communication strategies, planning the activities, while taking care of day by day actions to keep the project going, and looking after the community we built around it, is at the same time a big challenge and a huge satisfaction.

See how we tried to protect whistleblowers. 


Politics is something extremely serious and interesting, but it can also be fun and engaging – at Latte we believe that this is the way to get closer to the electors and increase voter turnout. Over the years, we have developed several digital projects addressed to the citizens, with the aim to promote transparency, to monitor the EU’s decision making processes, to analyze the activities  of politicians and to provide data to draw the attention of potential voters and encourage them to actively take part in the elections.

Here’s how we helped the European electors learn more about their candidates.