Humanitarian causes, political battles, and civil rights organizations need an innovative look & feel, as well as up to date tools in order to have the widest impact possible. That’s why at Latte we always have the greatest attention to detail when working on projects that require a strong integration between content, technology and design. And since we are well aware that each project, cause, petition, and campaign are different, we are flexible in terms of web development methods and user experience approaches, so as to better adapt to different needs, teams and work-flows.


Extremely creative or advanced technical elements can really support a project only if they are based on a solid user-first approachWe strongly believe in optimizing design processes to develop a better user experience: we will work closely with your team to define the target audience segmentation and we will carefully match every personal need with the campaign’s  main goal. Once all of this is done, we will come up with design, technological, textual and visual solutions to help supporters feel closer to the cause and, ultimately, closer to the change they wish to see.

Have a look at how we created a website that encapsulates 30 other micro-websites for Amnesty International.


During the development of a website we like to establish and maintain a sustained dialogue with the client: an approach that makes us come closer, as part of a team. Timing is crucial for us: we start developing while the design process is still ongoing. Then, within a few weeks we share the back-office (built on the CMS of your choice) with your team, so that we can improve its usability and tailor it to your needs. Our developers have a wide experience in building flexible websites with different CMS, such as MODX, WordPress or Drupal, just to name a few. But to be really honest, Latte devs’ greatest source of pride are completely custom-made systems, built with no pre-existing frameworks.  

See how our non profit oriented e-commerce Worth Wearing was built from scratch.