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Eurogroup for Animals –

Speak for animals

Our challenge was to create a Social Media Campaign to spread awareness in animals’ welfare and foster the commitment of European citizens and Institutions. The core message is powerful and works well when adapted to single species or specific audiences too: “Animals can’t speak for themselves, but you can raise your voice in their name”.

card social speak for animals girl with cow face
speak for animals - image of timeline's campaign programme

Animated gifs

A series of different CTA designed to be posted in the second, informative phase of the Campaign.

The assets invite to find out more about animals’ welfare, European commitment and policies, and EFA’s work.
We provided five gifs dedicated to five different specific themes: circus animals, caged hens, guinea pigs conditions in labs and others. Each of them was designed with a catchy, playful mood, in order to grab greater attention.

gif speak for animals - free the lion
gif speak for animals - girl with animal faces
making of Social Media Cards for Speak for animals

Social media cards

The visual is built around the main concept: humans with a colourful muzzle instead of the mouth.

We chose a general proactive mood and a clear, positive tone of voice, which also encourages the audience to believe that their voices matter, along with that of animals. For the Social Cards, we created two templates based on the two different targets of the campaign: one is designed for MEPs with the “Sign the Pledge” CTA; the other for the European Citizens is with the “Vote at EU | 2019” CTA to motivate them to take action.

making of Social Media Cards for Speak for animals
Restarting the future –

Transparent elections

A multichannel campaign addressed to young Italian electors about transparency during the 2018 Italian political elections.

image of a politician with a question mark instead of a face

Integrated campaign

To reach younger Italian electors we combined Above The Line and digital media.

The animated video and the radio spot use a funny and engaging tone and were broadcasted on major Italian radio stations and Spotify. We also designed a platform to gather information about Italian candidates and to update citizens about them during the 2018 Italian political elections.

image of the adv on spotify and on social media


Discover transparent candidates.

How much time do we spend on the internet to choose something to buy a vacation or a pair of shoes?
For the occasion of the political election 2018, we created a video for Restarting the future.
By using an ironic tone the video shows how common it is to waste time choosing among two or more things, finding detailed information before deciding and how the same time could be used in the process of voting.

User flow

A smooth and consistent flow that leads users to get informed and take action.

A website is a tool designed to put pressure on candidates and ask them to publicly post their resumes and certify their political activity. The more users go deep in the site, the more information they get, such as participating candidates, an interactive map, and updated blog articles. This provides users with enough information to get consciously involved and sign the petition. As the page scrolls down, the petition button continues to pop up as a floating call to action.

website responsive mockup
Amnesty International Italy –

Il barometro dell’odio

We built a microsite to track and display data about the hate speech of candidates during the 2018 Italian political elections campaign. The different data were uploaded every day and displayed in accessible dynamic graphics, to provide users with an engaging tool and a smooth navigation experience.

image of the project's website

Data visualization

An intuitive backend to allows uploading the data every day during the campaign.

We had to transform the methodology to track and evaluate hate speech sentences said by hundreds of candidates, into dynamic charts and graphics. This allows to show all the different data at once: the topic of each sentence, how bad it is, who said it and where/when, which political party is doing worst, which candidate has said the highest number of sentences and much more. We developed a stable frontend to visualize such data smoothly and encourage the user’s interaction with the charts.

Restarting the future –

The more you know, the better you vote

Sunday 11th of June 2017, Italians are called to the ballot box for the local elections. We are talking about more than 1.000 municipalities: information plays a crucial role. Together with Restarting the future, we designed and developed Sai Chi Voti’s website to inform the voters and ask the politicians for more transparency.

animated image from the

User flow

The more the user goes down, the more information she gets.

The user is involved in a smooth and consistent flow that leads her to take action and get informed. The more the user goes down, the more information she gets, such as participating candidates, interactive map and up to date blog. This provides the user with enough information to get consciously involved and to sign the petition. Once the user scrolls down, the petition button continues to pop up as a floating call to action.

website responsive mockup

UI and icon system

Icons and badges to facilitate a full understanding of the topic.

To diversify candidates that well responded to campaign ask, and others that didn’t, we designed an easy and catchy graphics system that represented 4 different pledges and 3 different promises. They were turned on as soon as the candidate agreed on them and filled in his information.

image of font and colours palette

Motion graphic

An ironic invitation to demand more from your local candidates.

This motion graphic has not just a chromatic consistency with the website, but also an innovative narrative style. The video itself might seem just a regular reminder for the election day, but it’s actually an ironic invitation to demand more from your local candidates. We used the tracking shot motion technique: we shooted real human movements, and then we tracked them in the 3D space on After Effect.

image of video draft

Campaign impact

The first campaign’s edition was held for 2016 local elections that involved 30 different municipalities.

15 of the candidates who decided to create their own profile on the website, became mayors of Italian biggest cities like Rome, Turin, Milan, Naples and Bologna. In 2017, more than 30.000 citizens signed the petition, asking the candidates for more transparency. Here a sneak peek from the 2016 campaign:

image of the campaign impact
Restarting the future –

Corruption emergency

Starting from the corruption report produced by Restarting the future, we developed the website section about the report on corruption produced by Riparte il futuro, and provided creative coordination and communication materials for the “Emergenza Corruzione”, an anti-corruption flash mob, which happened in Rome right after the official presentation of the report at the Italian Parliament.

image of

Data visualisation

A mobile-first approach providing shareable, interactive graphs and explanatory videos for each topic.

The structure includes a swipe interaction through the different graphs on the left and descriptive videos and texts on the right. Thanks to the colourful charts, data are shown in an analytical, dynamic and intuitive way. A fixed console works as a compass and allows the user to see and download the corruption report. Finally, this console gives you the chance to activate or deactivate some contents, such as videos and calls to action. This allows different kinds of users to customise the page.

image of the website


A unique anti-corruption ambulance.

We elaborated an ambient communication strategy that saw its full potential on the day the report was presented at the Italian Parliament. We created a specific design to transform an average van into a unique anti-corruption ambulance.

image of the customized ambulance


The streets of Rome played a central role in conveying the main message of the anti-corruption report: more transparency means less corruption.

This project wasn’t just online. #EmergenzaCorruzione came to life when, in and out a special anti-corruption ambulance, 12 campaigners dressed up as doctors distributed a special medicine named Trasparentina to pedestrians and politicians. When corruption affects people’s lives, Trasparentina can be the solution!

image with some photographs of the event

Visual identity

The metaphor of corruption as a tentacular villain.

The visual approach, both for the report and the ambient communication, was developed around the metaphor of corruption as a tentacular villain. Indeed, for the report cover, we imagined a fight between a man and an octopus, symbol of corruption. The first is defending himself with a thermometer (Termometro) against this “corrupted octopus”. This motive is recalled on the titles and graphics applied on the anti-corruption vehicle.

image of posters
image of posters
image of the offline material
Housing Europe –

Our homes are where Europe’s future starts

At a time when Europe is confronted with a major housing challenge, Housing Europe presents its campaign for the European Elections 2019. We produced this 2D animated video to show how more people can access affordable housing. The video shows us some of the multiple benefits of living in public, cooperative and social housing, leading up to the call for further support at EU level on the occasion of the Elections.

image of the project

Narrative choice

For the storytelling structure, we chose a personal perspective in order to create a sense of familiarity in the audience’s mind.
The video thus represents the narrative journey of Christine’s experience in Social Housing, showing its positive outcomes through her point of view.

Visual identity

In addition to being based on the most recent 2D animation’s techniques, the video embodies a fresh and vibrant mood. For its visual identity, we chose a sketchy-illustrated style and pastel shades, suitable for a young target.

image of video sharing
Transparency International –

EU integrity watch

“Where is all the money coming from, where is all the money going,” says a notorious song of the musician Cody Chessnutt. Indeed this is a big point, also in the European Parliament.
We campaigned with Transparency International to help them state that knowledge is power, and transparency is the best ground to grow good policy.

image of the website

EU Integrity Watch aims to help rebuild the trust in European Institutions and become the central web portal for monitoring such institutions’ integrity and transparency. It shall allow citizens, journalists and civic organizations to control their representatives and to hold them accountable for their actions and decisions.

image of the website


We helped to build a powerful tool with a user-friendly interface that provides a comprehensive overview of the outside activities and incomes of the members of the newly elected European Parliament and data visualization to browse the database.

Why is this tool so powerful?

Because it contributes to increase transparency, equality and integrity of access to EU decision-making process and to monitor EU institutions for potential and actual conflicts of interest, undue influence or even corruption.

image of the website


Two categories are central in this project: Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) and lobbyists working in Brussels.

The website includes three sections:

– a tool to monitor lobbyists and MEPs meetings where all data are gathered and visualized in charts and schemes to let easily understand all the points of contact and recurrences

– a tool to monitor lobbyists’ behaviours and data, such as expenses, categories, accreditations

– a tool to monitor that all external incomes received by MEPs are “correct” and that no conflicts of interest are occurring


The website received immediate attention from all over Europe and it was widely mentioned in the international press: BBC, the Economist, WSJ, Spiegel, Le Monde, El Pais, Corriera della Sera, Huffington Post, Le Soir, Euronews, German public television ARD, Radio France Internationale, and many more.

Restarting the future –

Quiz: how corrupted are you?

Corruption starts in everyday actions when you don’t ask for a receipt in a shop or accept to pay a bribe to a policeman or a functionary to make your life easier.
Every illegal activity, even if small and seemingly insignificant, is a piece in the big system that lets corruption spread throughout Italy and helps corruptors contaminate all the aspects of everyday life.

image of the website

“How corrupted are you?” is a five-question quiz which is meant to let people realize how everyday actions contribute to the spread of corruption in Italy.

This quiz is a way to get a broader picture of the situation and of the connection between people and corruption.

image of the quiz
image of the quiz


The five questions are meant to portray 15 funny characters, taken from well-known media products, who are representing a more or less strict attitude towards corruption.

image of characters profilation
Restarting the future –

Fiction or life

“Fiction or life”, a side project of Restarting the future, is a test where users are presented with some facts about corruption and they have to tell which ones are true and which are actually plots of fiction stories (movies, tv-series, etc.).
This test gets users to realize how the level of corruption in Italy is often unbelievable and unlikely, yet also true and widespread.

image of fiction or life

Some students have paid up to €30.000 to get the answers of a public contest via SMS: is this fiction or life?
When it comes to corruption, some facts are unbelievable.
Are you able to distinguish reality from a movie plot?
Take the test and find out your ability to spot the difference!

image of fiction or life


The test’s intro is conceived as a theatre stage where users can select the “Take the test!” button.
The question page is split in two parts: on one side a director’s chair stands for fiction, while on the other an armchair represents real life. After giving the answer, you’ll know the truth about the fact.

Your goal is to get ten right answers, but it’s not that easy: beware, sometimes reality is more incredible than fiction!

image of the website
image of the website (question)
image of the website (wrong answer)
image of the website (correct answer)
Arcigay Italia –

A far l’Europa comincia tu

“A far l’Europa comincia tu” is an advocacy and awareness campaign launched in partnership with Arcigay, the Italian LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transexual, intersexual) association, in sight of the European Parliament elections.

image of the website
image of the petition

The objective of the project is twofold. On the one hand, it promotes a petition encouraging the engagement of Italian candidates on the protection and promotion of LGBTI rights in Europe. On the other hand, it highlights the opinions expressed by Italian candidates on LGBTI issues in order for the electorate to be prepared to make a fully informed decision when voting. As a consequence, voters have the possibility to identify the candidates who are LGBTI friendly in the party they want to vote and in their electoral district.


The “match” among selected candidates shows comparatively the two extremes on the subject coexisting in the main parties.
In the website, the architecture of the user experience is created to give visibility to the very different opinions on LGTBI rights expressed by Italian candidates even within the same party. Users are also asked to express their approval or disapproval to the candidates based on their engagement on LGBTI rights, through a voting tool that determines the candidate’s “rainbow factor”.

image of candidates


The video teaser of the campaign expresses how the European Parliament can play a crucial role in the defence and promotion of LGBTI rights and makes a strong call to express a conscious choice to this end at the next European elections.