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Greenpeace Italy –

The battle to be fought is another

Greenpeace wants to invite italian citizens to ask the government to review its priorities in terms of public restart funds’ allocation.
Infact, due to Covid-19 pandemic, humanity has a historic opportunity: rethink society and restart it from welfare and from ecological and healthy enterprises.
What are investments on polluting activities about now that the pandemic has shown us the hard way that the world needs completely different things?

military plane made of running children signs greenpeace campaign


The campaign’s concept is visualizing what we actually need inside shapes of tanks, guns, military planes and chimneys.
Because the battle we need to fight today is for sustainability and green energy.
The campaign was spread in Rome and Milan.

posters campaign greenpeace posters campaign greenpeace greenpeace campaign on metro in milan and rome greenpeace campaign on metro in milan and rome

Social Media

In order to valorize the creative concept, the campaign was adapted to social media through animated gif.

gif of a tank greenpeace campaign
gif of a f35 airplane greenpeace campaign
gif of a gun greenpeace campaign