Arcigay –

Let’s turn off the hatred

We campaigned with Arcigay to fight the widespread prejudice against the LGBT community in Italy and helped them achieve their goals. They believe in a secular, democratic society where individuals liberties, human and civil rights are recognized, promoted and guaranteed without discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity or other personal and social condition.

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Italy is considered one of the countries with the highest rate of homophobia in the E.U. and one of the sates with the most transgender suicide cases in the world. We collaborate with Arcigay to fight the widespread prejudice against the LGBT community. The first aim is to urge the most important decision-makers, the parliamentarians, to make a new law regarding hate speech. We are demanding more serious penal consequences for homophobic statements and opposition towards the irresponsible ways of Italian media, especially the television that constantly promotes homophobia by adopting insulting gay stereotypes.


For this campaign, we produced an animated video using graphically the homophobic speeches of politicians and we raised a red flag to show how their hateful discourses can drive LGBT people to commit suicide. This video has been watched 17.000 times on YouTube.

The petition

We also started up a petition and we made an significant call for the parliament: ‘Do something REAL against homophobia and transphobia, without ifs or buts!’ We reached 56.167 signatures.

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Media coverage

Important mainstream media channels published coverages about the campaign, such as Corriere Della Sera, Huffington Post, Repubblica.

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