A change of direction –

What does it take to be a whistleblower?

A change of directions is committed to safeguarding the rights of those who report in Europe from abuses and threats.
We designed a website and we produced 8 videos to explain the project and to report misconduct within governments and companies. We adopted an informative and engaging tone to invite organizations to fight corruption together.

image of a video frame

Motion graphic

For this video we combined mixed animation techniques: motion graphics and frame by frame footage animation, to let the audience feel a deeper involvement and develop a stronger internal point of view.

animated image of a video frame
animated image of a video frame

Multiple targets

The campaign targets different audiences: stakeholders, institutions, NGOs, schools, as well as a generic segment of citizens who need more information. The video addresses all targets and provides a clear view of the issues related to corruption, and it ends with a call to action directly aimed at the institutions